The first Karst prosciutto festival

The first Karst prosciutto festival

The first Karst prosciutto festival took place on June 10th at Pogačarjev trg in Ljubljana.

A number of visitors could taste the top quality Karst ham, which boasts a European quality symbol - a protected geographical indication. The festival was ennobled by Sežana singers and dancers of the Kraški Šopek Cultural Society and the Happy Day band. Experienced masters cutters showed visitors how sliced Karst prosciutto is most delicious and how we recognize the real Karst prosciutto - a protected geographical indication.

Under the implementation of the festival, the SM Studio Marketing team is signed.
The first Karst prosciutto festival

The Karst prosciutto festival is part of the European Quality Scheme - a quality guarantee, co-financed by the European Union. Its main objectives are the promotion of European quality schemes and the promotion of karstic meat products with an emphasis on Karst prosciutto. The project is under the slogan "European Quality." The Karst Prosciutto Ham. Proud to be ours. "The project holder is the GIZ of the Meat Industry of Slovenia.

A masterpiece with a protected geographical indication

The Karst ham has a European quality symbol - a protected geographical indication. It covers agricultural products and foods originating in a particular region, region or country and are characterized by a special quality, reputation or other particularities. At least one of the stages of production must be carried out in the geographical area according to which the agricultural product or foodstuff is named, and the raw materials may originate in another area. The producers of karst ham decided even for stricter criteria and prescribed that the raw material could originate from other geographical areas, but all other production stages, including packaging, should take place within the designated production area. Karst ham is characterized by the fact that it must be maturing at the Karst for at least a year.