The beginning of the construction of a modern brick house e4

e4 - new houses in which we will live in the future

On 7 July 2017, a tape was cut in Kamnik, which means the beginning of the construction of a modern brick house. This will be the first "almost zero" energy house in Slovenia, built according to the so-called e4 concept of brick sustainable construction.

The modern e4 house will be built by Wienerberger experts in cooperation with selected quality partners. It will be possible to monitor the construction via live social networks.

Economical, healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable e4 house

Modern planning and house construction has to meet many important criteria that follow the standards of sustainable construction (economy, ecology, energy efficiency and well-being / emotions). Since the principles of sustainable construction are four, the Wienerberger project promoter referred to the concept of e4 and the new homes for e4 houses.

The concept of e4 represents a comprehensive and modern approach to the construction of houses using modern natural materials. The final form of the house is the result of coordination between architecture, building technologies and materials, energy, biology of construction taking into account natural conditions and legality.