Blood donation - Blood Donation Initiative Give Energy for Life 2017

On the occasion of the Slovenian Blood Donation Day, which was celebrated on June 4th, at the press conference at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine, the public was presented with the campaign Daruj energija za življenje, which is being carried out with the support of the Red Cross of Slovenia, the Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Petrol for the seventh year.
The central thread of the Blood Donation Initiative 2017 is four new stories of exceptional blood donors. With their attitude towards people and life, they show that they have blood donation. In modern times, when the value of human solidarity is increasingly disappearing, their stories are inspired by all of us. And that's why we're telling them.

This year, police officers presented themselves as a blood donation group, who also drew attention to the increased need for blood in the spring and summer time, when Slovenian roads recorded several road accidents. On the Blood Donation Day, we congratulated and thanked the donors, supporters and all those involved in blood supply.

For the blood donation initiative of 2017, we created a creative for printed advertisements, FB ads, LCD screens, posters, penguins and recorded the stories of four exceptional blood donors (Irena Dolinšek, Boštjan Terbovc, Tomaž Celestina, Sašo Kodrič).