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The Regional Network and Its Agencies

SM Studio Marketing was established in 1973. As the first advertising agency with a complete range of services, we have paved the way for marketing and marketing communication in the region. Our work has always been based on strategic marketing with an emphasis on brand characteristics.

Our strengths:

  • Rich experience and knowledge;
  • A focus on marketing;
  • Emotional involvement;
  • Aspiration for success of brands: for their recognition, their image and their market share;
  • A regional network of agencies that spans over the following countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Kosovo and Albania.

SM Studio Marketing regional network

Studio Marketing can be found in three countries. The advantages of a regional network are: an understanding of local culture, a good negotiating position towards the media, lobbying and regular access to information on the current events in each market.

The central office Studio Marketing International takes care that the same level of services is being upheld in all agencies of the network, while the local offices adjust their services to clients’ needs and requirements to the largest possible extent. Projects are conducted either centrally from one agency (as a coordinator of other agencies) or locally, where each agency works on a project independently.  

SM Studio Marketing International

Studio Marketing International is the central office of the SM Studio Marketing regional network. It is responsible for network development, new business within the region, enforcing trends and work standards as well as tending to the transmission of knowledge between the agencies. The central office also processes all business for the agencies in Serbia, Crna Gora,Macedonia, Albania, and Republic of Kosovo.

SM Studio Marketing Ljubljana, Slovenia

The agency in Ljubljana was the first office to be established within the region and is also the largest currently employing twenty-five professionals. Its history is marked by the longest continuous cooperation with clients that span over several decades.

Major clients: Adria Airways, Amis, Bayer (Bepanthen, Bepanscar, Bepanthol, Canesten, Canes Nail, Supradyn), DKV Euro service, Društvo Sinapsa, FedEx,  Holding Slovenske elektrarne, Inštitut Jožef Štefan, Kompas, KFI Jacobs, Lama, Ljubljanske mlekarne, Mazda, PBS, Peko, SIJ Slovenska industrija jekla, SGP Pomgrad, Spar Slovenija, Summit Leasing, Titus+,Tosama, Unilever, Zavod za ribištvo, Zavod PET


SM Studio Marketing Komunikacije Zagreb, Croatia

The agency in Zagreb was established in 1997 and currently employs fifteen people. Complete understanding of the brands and good ideas based on strategy will ensure stable growth in the future as well.

Major clients: Barilla, Bayer-La Roche, Chipita, Cinestar, Coca-Cola, Ferrero, HPB, KFI Jacobs, Mazda, Merkur, Nexe group, OTP banka, Podravka, PPD (Aperol, Diageo group, Campari group), TDR, Unilever


SM Studio Marketing Legend, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Studio Marketing Sarajevo was established in 1997. With their knowledge of the local market and brands, paired with their linguistic proficiency in dealing with both domestic and international clients, they offer successful creative solutions. Along with its services in advertising, PR, media buying and event management, the agency regularly transmits its knowledge to students of the Sarajevo Faculty of Economics and organizes professional seminars.

Major clients: Chipita, Red Bull, Fabrika Duhana Sarajevo, BH Telecom, Goethe Institut, Komisija za očuvanje nacionalnih spomenika, Gold Exchange.